structural engineering

Structural framework planning as the basis – creative engineering from the start

Structural framework planning, as we understand it, is more than just the static calculation for a particular design: involving a qualified structural engineer in a timely manner allows them bring their know-how to the project at an earlier stage.


This enables the structural engineer, along with the property planner and the other people involved in the project, to actively contribute to the creation of a technically high-quality, financially profitable , and ambitiously designed building. Where appropriate, this will be done through the use of new building materials and construction methods.

Structural engineering consists of developing a design that gives a structure both durability and stability – making this branch one of the key pillars of civil engineering, in the truest sense of the word.

Our previously described approach and method of working ensures that each structure is planned at an early stage, using creative engineering.

The goal of structural design is to ensure that a structure has the necessary load bearing capacity and fitness for purpose.

During the planning phase, the structural engineer has to seamlessly merge economic and aesthetic considerations.
Using static calculations based on the rules of structural analysis, we are able to tailor the requirements to your specific project and ensure your goals are met.
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