Energy-plus house in Schëffleng

Energy-plus house in Schëffleng

As part of a pilot project, a future-oriented house, the so-called energy-plus house, is being built in Schëffleng.

The future energy-plus house in Schëffleng is a project in which an old house from 1950 was renovated.

The construction was completed in 2017.

More than 40 photovoltaic panels and thermal solar panels will work to provide hot water.

Client of the projectAdmin. des bâtiments publics
Safety/Health Coordinator Project and implementationMycon Ingénieurs s. à r. l.
BET Civil EngineeringMycon Ingénieurs s. à r. l., BETIC
ArchitectNICKLAS ARCHITECTES s. à r. l.
Surface150 m²
Cost700 000 €